Kigali, Rwanda - The land of a Thousand Hills

Environment & Climate 

Culture & Attire


Weather: Rwanda has a temperate tropical highland climate, Kigali is in the center of the country and has daily temperature ranging from 12 °C (54 °F) and 27 °C (81 °F), with only a little variation throughout the year. 

Enviromental rules: The environment is extremely clean thanks to Rwanda's strict no littering policy , fines are applicable to visitors and indigenes alike. In keeping with the Sustainable Development Goals of the country, Plastic bags are also not allowed into the country, this is also backed by the Rwanda law enforcement.

Walking around: As you move around the city for leisure activities such as evening strolls, it is important to note Kigali's stance on pedestrian friendly areas. Grass and trees are off limit for loitering, walking and touching - these violations lead to fines for this as well.

Language: Rwanda's main language is Kinyarwanda with some people speaking French and English. Others speak Swahili. 

Attire: Rwandan people typically dress conservatively in line with their cultural values and reserved nature. Their attire is a combination between their traditional wear and english-wear depending on the occasion. 

As you prepare to come for the Business of Conservation Conference, we recommend that you pack slightly warm clothing in case the weather gets a bit chilly. Additional attire considerations should be made for the following: 

  • Saturday 7th - Monday 9th September - Day Sessions: Business casual attire

  • Saturday 7th September - Welcome Cocktail evening event: Smart Casual 

  • Sunday 8th September :  Gala Dinner: Formal or Glamorous attire for the Gala dinner including Black Tie or Traditonal Attire

For activities in Kigali, sign up here with City buddies an experiential tourism company that help tourists curate experiences that include the following activities and more:
  • Kigali Genocide Memorial 
  • Caplaki Crafts Market
  • Inema Arts Centre
  • Kandt House Museum
Kigali is also a city, not without its attractions of fine dining, entertainment, activities and moments. We have highlighted just a few below that you can explore while on ground :


Exchange Rate: $1 to 915 RWF


ATMs & BDCs: Equity bank, Ecobank and bank of Kigali have the closest ATMs located at KCC and Kigali Heights. BDCs are also located at the airport and Kigali Heights for currency exchange. 


SIM Cards: MTN, Airtel and tigo are the main Telco's available, with SIM cards available for purchase at the Airport.


Power Outlets: In Rwanda, European 2 pin plugs are used, while at hotels and the conference venue there are outlets that accomodate all international plugs except the South African round 3 plugs. 


Drinking Water: Most people drink bottled or filtered water, and advice against drinking tap water. 


Mosquitos & Malaria: There are a lot of mosquitos in Rwanda, and they can transmit malaria when they bite. Consult your travel medicine Doctor about prevention and remedies which include a mosquito net over your bed, sleeping in well air conditioned rooms or using a "vape" repellant when you sleep. To ensure prevention you can purchase anti-malaria drugs in most pharamacies - Mephaquin (active ingredient melfoquine) is a popular effective drug.


Tipping: This is usually not expected in most places in Rwanda with the exception of some higher end restaurants in town where 10% of the final bill is standard.