September 8-9, 2019. Kigali, Rwanda

Side events on September 7

About the Business of Conservation Conference

The Business of Conservation Conference (BCC) aims to catalyze economic development in Africa by bringing together influential leaders to collaborate in tangible ways around one of Africa’s competitive advantages - its unique biodiversity.

This year’s BCC edition is themed "Environmental Investing- From Scarcity to Abundance", where we will ask:

  • What would it take to make conservation a ‘growth’ industry in Africa?
  • What conditions would enable us to move our wildlife and habitat from scarcity to abundance?
  • How could nature be one of the key drivers of Africa’s development trajectory--instead of a casualty of development?
  • How can conservation attract a greater percentage of African and Global environmental investments? 

BCC is guided by the following principles that we believe underlie the most powerful gatherings in the world:

  • Influential attendees: The most valuable aspect of a conference is the chance to network with influential people. Every attendee - famous or not - will be high caliber.
  • Outcome-oriented: we encourage attendees and speakers to make “commitments” in conservation. The BCC team will track these commitments and show progress at future gatherings.
  • Unstructured time: To enable relationship -building/ collaboration to take place, the agenda leaves ample time for 1:1 meetings - scheduled or unscheduled.
  • Robust agenda: The agenda features a lineup of diverse speakers with mind-blowing talks and discussions.
  • Sessions that foster collaboration: A few sessions are designed to serve as tangible, practical catalysts for collaboration--such as “Leopard’s Cove”, where influential investors/philanthropists will serve as judges  for 5-6 selected pitches and ultimately make investment decisions on the spot. Or “Deal rooms”, where selected individuals/organisations will pitch their opportunities to investors in private individual booths and an exhibition format.
This reframing will harness the best of human energy —enlightened self interest — to benefit our natural world.

2018 BCC Highlights

300 attendees  35 countries and 60+speakers, $600 million collective investments through 10+ projects across 15+ African countries

Who should attend?

  • Conservationists

  • Innovators
  • Policymakers

  • Heads of State

  • Business Leaders

  • Philanthropists

  • Investors

  • Researchers

  • Technologists

  • Entrepreneurs

  • Media
Venue of the Conference: Radisson Blu Convention Centre - KG 2 Roundabout, Kigali, Rwanda
The Kigali Convention Centre is situated in the heart of the city with easy access to Kigali International Airport as well as corporate, government and diplomatic mission offices. Getting to the Convention Centre is fast and convenient with its location just 5 km away from the city center and 5 km away from Kigali International Airport.

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