About B.O.L.D 2019

The world is changing. Trends like artificial intelligence and robotics mean that the jobs of tomorrow are not yet known.
How, in this rapidly changing world should educational institutions prepare young people for tomorrow? How can educational technology truly realize its promise? What character traits will determine successful learners of the future? What will learning spaces of the future look like? What learning conventions must be broken?  What does it mean to be BOLD? These are just a few of the many questions we will tackle as peers and experts at the inaugural B.O.L.D (Breaking Ordinary Learning Dimensions) Summit. African Leadership University will be hosting education enthusiasts and lifelong learning advocates from all over the world during an immersive 2-day experience at its campus located in the paradise island of Mauritius.
The B.O.L.D (Breaking Ordinary Learning Dimensions) Summit is a peek into the future of learning, its endless possibilities and what it takes to bring it to life. At the B.O.L.D 2019 summit, you will get a chance to see B.O.L.D innovation in action, network with some of the world’s leading thinkers in education and the future of learning, form meaningful collaborations, and ultimately return better prepared with fresh, unconventional ways to develop talent for the future.

Who will be there?

Saul is the Co-Author of Start-Up Nation: The Story of Israel’s Economic Miracle which describes why Israel has been so successful at creating global entrepreneurs. He will share his knowledge and expertise on the educational and cultural practices that create innovators -- which is more crucial than ever as we move into the ‘4th industrial revolution’ and experience the increasing influence of exponential technologies and artificial intelligence. He is also on the Innovation and Science Australia board, a government-appointed body overseeing Australia’s innovation system and understands what it means to be BOLD when tackling the innovation in learning systems.
Pekka is the Principal at Start up High school - a Finland based online platform that provides provides virtual entrepreneurial studies for all high school students which teaches them how to think critically, solve problems and start their joourneys to become changemakers. He is also known as ”the most famous teacher in Finland", influencing thousands of teachers with his award-winning work. His efforts have encouraged teachers to join him in the long-term development of their own role as teachers. Pekka’s work has become a phenomenon among teachers and he has, for example, a professional Facebook group with more than 14,000 followers.
Venue of the Summit: ALC Campus, Powder Mill Road,  Pamplemousses, Mauritius